Decision made…


If you remember some blogs ago, I posted about applying for NP school.

I didn’t get in.

sad failure

I felt like sh*t. I felt small. I felt insignificant. I felt like a failure. I was super bummed about it.


You know how you make a plan and then allow the opinions of others to make you veer from your plan? Yeah, that happened. Let’s go back a little, shall we?

If you have been with me for a while then you know I have been wanting to go back for a Master’s degree for quite some time. I have bounced between where in the nursing field I wanted to specialize. I have had people tell me I would make a great teacher. I love teaching people about things I know. Teaching is something I have grown to really, dare I say, love. Months ago I was talking to one of my coworkers that has been a nurse forever. I told him about wanting to get my DNP ultimately. His response? “Great! Get your MSN in education and then come back here (the academic hospital where we work) and get your DNP! You’ll make a good teacher”. Prior to even talking to him, the “education” path had been floating around in my mind. I kept pushing it away because according to everyone else, that’s not the “money making” field. As far as most people are concerned, there’s no reason to go back to school unless it’s to get a degree that is going to make you way more money. Forget doing what I like to do. Forget wanting to make a difference in the medical field. Forget wanting to help others. Will it make me more money?

I got sucked into that mindset.  A DNP will make me more money and I need to get it now. Forget getting an MSN and then a DNP, that’ll take too long. Nope, I’m going BSN-DNP STAT!

I was introduced to a program that had the BSN-DNP option. Great! I expressed interest and quickly found out I did not have the GPA currently to do the DNP program.


I could do one of the NP tracks though. Oh… Okay, I guess. I mean, I wasn’t really looking to be an NP but according to everyone else, it was the way to go. So I applied for the NP option. I filled out the application (3 times because the system kept losing it which was probably my first red flag), updated and sent in my resume, completed the essay, and got glowing references (which I ended up having to scan to my email to send to the advisor because the reference link wouldn’t link back to my application because of a glitch, second red flag), and I waited…

And waited…

And waited…

For four weeks.

And then the rejection email and the pity party.

So after all of that, I had to really sit down and think all of this through.

What do I enjoy doing? Where do see my career going? How do feel I can be the best benefit to others? What do really want to do?

I. Like. Educating.


I am planning to start school in April. I got accepted into an MSN in education program at the same university that I obtained my BSN from. I should have my degree in about 1.5-2 years if I can buckle down and do this full time. I am not doing what everyone else wants me to do. I am not going for the big bucks (if I wanted big bucks nursing is probably not where I should have headed anyway). I am going to do what I feel is going to make me happy in the long run. It may take an extra step or two but I am going to do things my way.




8 thoughts on “Decision made…

  1. Shaunelle, wise decision! Sounds as if you were taken in by the BS to DNP option. I wouln’t dwell on not getting in it. When I got my NP, I got an MSN first and chose the NP track insead of Education. It was an application process after the NP. The DNP wasn’t offered back then, and it would have been one extra year after obtaining the NP. Money wise, it depends on the salary structure in your hospital, and whether a nursing union sets the salaries. Each state is different. You’ll do really well getting the MSN. I found the MSN courses easier and more fun than te BSN. Good luck! 📚🎶 Christine


  2. Judging by your blog, I would definitely say you are a teacher/educator. Even though I am not a health care practitioner, I have learned so much from you. You seem to have a lot of wisdom and even though your advice has been specific to nursing, it applies to other areas, too.

    I think you have the ability to help and influence new nurses, and infuse them with a passion for their careers.


  3. Katherine A. Kaplan Locke

    Congrats! Good luck in your endeavors. I’ve been debating between Spec Ed masters or Nursing Ed after I finish my CSN. I still have a little time to decide — I’m in school rt now, AND I work at a school as a Health Service Nurse.


  4. Congrats on returning to get your masters! This sounds like a great plan for you. There are so many things money cannot buy: like the wisdom and skills that comes from a genuine nurse whom loves teaching and has a passion for the profession. Press on! 💪


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