Guinea pig

After all of that worrying, I have gotten the COVID vaccine.

I did research for weeks, printed out article after article, read whatever I could on the CDC website, and talked to my co-workers that have gotten the shot.

I am being the guinea pig for my family. My family (as was I) has been distrustful of the vaccine. I decided I would be the first and let them know how it has been. I want to do my part in trying to get this pandemic under control. Once I get the second vaccine done I will discuss with my family about getting theirs as well.

I am trusting the science. I am trying to be a good role model for my family, and hopefully others in the black community, to follow. I’m trying to do the right thing.

3 thoughts on “Guinea pig

  1. hooray!! how did you feel after the first dose? which one did you get? i admire your desire to be a good role model for both your family and the Black community.

    we cannot truly beat covid without the vaccine to help us reach herd immunity, so i hope your family will be more open to it after you share your experience.


    1. I received the Moderna diseño. Oddly enough the shot itself doesn’t hurt at all! For the next two days though my arm was really sore. I found taking Ibuprofen or Aleve and making sure to move that arm around as much as possible helped me a lot. I go for the second dose Feb 2nd. After that dose and seeing the side effects, I’m going to talk to my parents about it.

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