My first nursing convention

By the time this blog posts I will have gone to my first nursing “convention”. It’s a one-day event sponsored by my hospital but it is a whole day of speakers and learning related to leadership in nursing.

It’s actually meant for nurses already in a leadership positions but being a leader is something that interests me and I would like all the help I can get. I want to become someone that other nurses can look up to. While I don’t really plan on managing a unit or anything like that, I do plan on obtaining an advanced practice degree and I want to be a leader in whatever field I decide to go into. I have worked with and under great leaders and I have worked with people in leadership that I wanted to stab in the eye with a pencil (I have been a mental serial killer quite a few times!) I don’t want to be the person that someone else wants to stab in the eye lol!

I don’t feel like leadership=management position. Leadership, in my opinion anyway, has more to do with the person and less to do with the position. Some of my coworkers have been amazing leaders. Whether we have two codes going on simultaneously, admissions and discharges back to back, a super sick patient that is trying their damnest to circle the drain, or my personal fave: the wife and girlfriend trying to visit the trauma patient, there have been nurses that I worked with that immediately jumped in. They took the lead in the situation and helped turn chaos into control. I will say that in my experience most of those in management would have floundered in those very same situations. If you think about it, it is far easier to manage people than it is to lead them. You can’t be a leader while simultaneously saying “do as I say, not as I do”. At that point, a bad precedent has been set. I feel like a leader is going to search for the right way to do things and if they don’t know the correct way, they have no problem asking others for help. Leaders can provide positive feedback but also know how to provide constructive criticisms. The managers I have typically come across seem to be able to do one or the other, rarely both. That’s not to say I haven’t worked with management that wasn’t super badass. I will never forget one manager, Ron. He seemed so intimidating until I actually had to escalate a situation up to him. Long story short, I was working under “leadership” that wanted to be on a friendly basis with the team instead of lead the team. A certain situation continued to occur that ended up slowing patient flow. The supervisor didn’t want to step in because they didn’t want to hurt feelings. Well, you know me, I escalated beyond them to management. I remember exactly what he said to me when I walked into his office to complain “Shaunelle, don’t come to me with a problem without a solution.” We spoke and surprisingly I had a solution in my head without even realizing it.

His words changed how I handle situations to this day.

To me, that’s leadership. I want to be like that one day. I want to be able to not only provide solutions for my team, I want to encourage others to find solutions for themselves. So, off to the nursing conference I go. Hopefully next week I can come back and share some of what I learned.

5 thoughts on “My first nursing convention

  1. Morning! How was the convention? 😀
    Love this leadership blog. We have done a lot of leadership vs management workshops at our university which were great!
    You’re right leadership isn’t a manager or someone who’s telling someone what to do. In my opinion leaders motivate, inspire and encourage others to become their best self. Leaders also encourage others to make their own decisions for the better 🙂
    I’d say you’re already a leader right now! Your blogs inspire me and you definitely helped me understand the ABG 🙂 the leader you want to be is already there Fred.
    You purely need a promotion! Haha!! Hope you had a great day.
    It’s 6.45am here, my day off… and I picked up and extra shift to work at our university open day. Not going to lie, I wish I hadn’t right now. I want to sleep 🤣


      1. That will be great to read! 🙂 I’ll look forward to that one.
        Me? 🙈 haha. I slept I promise. I had to be up at 6.30am today though to work at university for the open day we had. I definitely need to sleep though.


  2. Great post, Fred! Yep, you are a definite leader already! Which you’ll bring into a management position one day! When I worked as an NP I did both in management. You have no idea how an advanced practice degree pushes you into new ventures! Look forward to reading your first conference take-aways. 📚🎶 Christine


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