Story time 5

I rarely, if EVER, read comments on social media. I know better. The amount of hatefulness in the comments is unmeasurable. However, I ran across a post on Instagram showcasing the singer Halsey's thoughts on birth control and why is should be considered health care. She even went on to list the medical conditions that birth control was able to help.

I read the comments.

For the most part the comments were full of women in support of her tweets and sharing stories of their own on how birth control has helped them.

But it wasn't all support. Oh no. There were a few in the comments that wanted the world to know that we, THE ENTIRE FEMALE POPULATION, were stupid for not just taking care of our reproductive issues the "natural way".

Yep. That's the fix. Change your diet and drink a special tea and that'll handle that severe endometriosis and those ovarian cysts you're dealing with.

But there was one lovely person in the comments that couldn't just be happy with condemning your use of meds. Oh no, Cassy_chevy had to condemn YOU!

Awesome. Let's bash any and every person that decides to have a different opinion.

So there you have it ladies. YOU have no idea what YOU are doing with YOUR body.