2020, AKA, The Apocalypse

It feels like the end of the world. Healthcare workers on the front lines of a pandemic having to fight for appropriate PPE, hospital administration firing staff for speaking out, medical professionals being sick and still told to come to work, it’s chaos.

They call us heroes in the outside world but we are disposable to the inside leaders. This pandemic has shown me how far some hospitals are willing to go to save money on supplies.

Employees are getting sick with COVID, and still come to work because they can’t afford to stay home.

This isn’t okay. Hospital administration needs to get up out of their plush chairs, step out of their lush offices, and come see what it’s really like out here.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a rant about being called heroes. People really want to call us heroes, and I thank everyone for that. However just know that title also includes EVS, lab techs, CNA’s, PCT’s, transporters, cafeteria workers, pharmacy, scrub techs in the OR, and everyone else that helps a hospital run smoothly.

Let’s hope administration learns to see all of us as heroes, and treat us like it.

3 thoughts on “2020, AKA, The Apocalypse

  1. how are you doing? stay strong and nurse on! and keep fighting for that PPE!
    may God give you the strength to keep advocating for yourself and fellow nurses and your patients.. and the rest on your days off to recover.


    1. So far my department has been doing OK and our city wasn’t hit as hard as expected so that’s a blessing. I just want to see nurses, in fact all hospital workers, all around this country receive the protection they need.


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