Step one


I’ve done step one. I’ve applied to a nurse practitioner program.

I’m terrified!

Am I smart enough?

Can I handle this?

Can I afford this?

Is it worth it?

Will I be able to find clinical sites?

Is this the right decision?

This is a really big committment. A lot of my time and finances will be going into this and I wonder if I’m ready for it. I have been bouncing back and forth between career paths and decided that I can do what I would like to do with an advanced practice degree.

Patient education is my passion and I know that as an NP I will get the opportunity to try and make a difference. By working in the “clinic” setting I will be able to try and prevent admission to the hospital by providing care and education on their health. I want to stop patients from being observers in their health care. I want patients to be a participant in their care plans. An educated patient does better. I love when patients comes into my current job and tell me all about why they are getting their scan. It let’s me know they are involved in their health. Those patients area typically in better health than my patients that have no idea what’s going on.

I know I’m doing this for the right reasons. I just don’t know if this is the right time. Then again, when is the right time? I can always find a reason to not do something. Life is always throwing me curve balls. I might as well step up to the plate, swing with all my might, and hope to God I knock it out of the park!

5 thoughts on “Step one

  1. You will “knock it out of the park” Fred. Once you get started and know the steps you’ll take, fear of the unknown goes away! Your passion and energy to learn takes over. Go for it! I did and I was in my late 50s. I was Family Nurse Practitioner state board certified at age 60. it was the best decision I made in my nursing career. 🎶🎄🎶 Christine


  2. In my opinion, asking these questions proves how important this is to you. If there were no fear, it would not be worth doing.

    Congrats on taking this step! You will be amazing, and I bet your fellow students learn a lot from you.


  3. Yes!! You need to do this I think. You’re absolutely brilliant! It will never be the right time, and that time is going to pass by anyway? So fill the time with this. You don’t know until you try right? Go for it! Embrace your fear about it! You got this 100%! 🌟


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