Alarm fatigue 

I am legitimately over it. We have new GE monitors and they beep for EVERYTHING! Apnea is a triple beep but an arrhythmia isn’t. It doesn’t read the respiratory leads well so everyone is either tachypneic or breathing 6 breaths a minute.   There is something beeping every minute it seems. It’s getting to the point that we are starting to ignore the alarms because there are so many of them. 

This is what they mean when they refer to “alarm fatigue”

3 thoughts on “Alarm fatigue 

  1. nicole

    Haha! Yes, this is exactly what alarm fatigue is. When I customize my alarm parameters, it helps a lot during my shifts! You can also prioritize the arrhythmias alarms to be higher than the apnea alarm.

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    1. Unfortunately management set certain parameters that we can’t change at certain alarms we just can’t do anything about. The apnea alarm is a triple beep but EVERYONE alarms at night when they sleep, even on the vent!


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