Learn to unplug! (Guest post from exit265c.com)

Aside: As someone who can sing the entire Arcade Fire debut EP, it pains me to say I really don’t like Everything Now. At least I’m really excited about the new album by The National because the two songs I’ve heard are promising. Once upon a time, there was a point when I strongly considered […]

via break — EXIT 265C

One thought on “Learn to unplug! (Guest post from exit265c.com)

  1. Tricia

    I seem to be having technical issues with this WP app on my phone. Anywho, I wanted to say this on the linked website: “I live in ignorance bliss most of the time. I only seek out current events to stay informed. I skim and whichever event pulls at me to pay attention, I listen. I am unable to absorb and retain all the negativity. Balance is important for my well-being which I have learned to be more attentive to.


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